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Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, an ISO 9001:2000 company and a leader in the Electroplating Industry in India for the last 50 years, is a Flagship company of GROWEL GROUP.

GROWEL GROUP is associated with various manufacturing and trading activities in diverse fields like paints, lubricants, aerated drinks, beverages, development and implementation of software, real estate development through its various companies.

Grauer and Weil (India) Limited is among the very few companies in the world, capable of offering an integrated package of chemicals, plants, effluent treatment systems and waste recovery techniques from spent solutions - Truly a ONE-STOP-SHOP for end-to-end solutions.


We have our corporate office at Growel Plaza, Kandivali, Mumbai. Our manufacturing units are at Vapi, Alandi, Dadara, Barotiwala and Jammu.


We manufacture pre treatment chemicals, general plating chemicals, conversion coating chemicals, PCB chemicals, plating chemicals for the electronics industry, lacquers, precious metal, specialty chemicals for various industries, strippers, and basic chemicals,

Engineering Products

Tanks, barrels, transport wagons, automation, filtration systems, phosphating systems, dacrotizing systems, effluent treatment systems, industrial degreasing systems, dedicated plating systems, RO systems, etc.

We market our products in India as well in different countries all over the world through a very strong and committed network of distributors. Our technically competent field personnel offer after Sales Service to our customers.

Our Products
  • Chemicals
    • Pre-Treatment - Cleaners, Pickling Agents, Pickling Additives
    • General Plating - Brass, Cadmium, Chrome, Copper, Electroless Nickel, Nickel, Plating on Aluminium,  Plating on Plastic, Tin & Tin Alloys, Zinc & Zinc Alloys
    • Conversion Coating - Blackening, Chromatization, Phospating, Post Treatment
    • Electronics -  Ammoniacal Etchant, Electroless Nickel or Immersion Gold, Multi PCB, Pattern Plating, Thru-Hole Plating, Tin Strippers, Lead Strippers
    • Lacquers - Clear Lyte, GrowClear HBC, GrowClear LB 25, Supersheen U 200
    • Precious Metal - Gold, Gold Stripper or Recovery, Nickel Free Technology, Silver
    • Speciality Chemicals
    • Strippers - Electroless Nickel Stripper, Nickel Stripper, Tin Lead Stripper
    • Basic Chemicals
    • Continuous Plating Chemicals
    • Process Sequence
  • Engineering Products
    • Electroplating - Tanks, Barrels, Transport Wagons, Automation, Agitation, Drying, Test Equipment, Rectifiers, Jigs & Fixtures, Titanium Anode Baskets, Oil Separator, Sludge Settler, Scrubber
    • Filteration Systems - Filters, Pumps, Seals
    • Phosphating
    • Dacrotizing
    • Effluent Treatment
    • Industrial Degreasing
    • Spare Parts
    • Dedicated Plating Systems - Hardchrome Plating of Gun Barrels, Rim Plating, Continuous Plating, Return Type
  • Lubricants
  • Anodizing Chemicals.