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Product Description


TRICHROME - 1000 is a trivalent chromium based process recently developed by GROWEL to provide a blue passivate film on zinc deposits from all currently available zinc plating process. The process is intended to be both decorative and functional, providing similar corrosion protection as usually expected from conventional hexavalent chromium based blue chromating processes. The process produces no hexavalent chromium waste in the rinses, thus avoiding waste treatment costs associated with the treatment of hexavalent chromium.

  • Excellent blue finish
  • No turbidity / precipitation problem during operation
  • Economical
  Range Optimum
Concentration 30-60 ml/l 50 ml/l
pH 1.4- 2.1 1.8
Temperature Ambient  
Dipping Time 15-45 sec. 30 sec.

N.B.: Generally Nitric Acid @ 1-2 ml/l required initially to adjust the pH within the specified range.

  1. Fill the passivate tank three quarters full with soft water.
  2. Add required quantity of Trichrome 1000 while stirring.
  3. Fill the tank to operating level with water.
  4. Check pH. If pH remains within the specified ranges go ahead for production.

N.B.: In case the pH is outside the specified ranges, proceed as follows:
To lower pH, use Nitric Acid 1:10 with water
To raise pH, use Caustic Soda solution 10% w/v


Maintenance of the process may be accomplished through regular addition of TRICHROME - 1000 based on analytical testing.

  1. Pipette out 5 ml of bath solution.
  2. Add 5 ml of 25% Caustic, Add 25 ml of DM water.
  3. Add 5 ml of 30% Hydrogen Peroxide, shake well. Green colour turns yellowish after addition of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  4. Boil for 20 minutes to remove excess of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  5. Cool the solution, add 5 ml of AR grade HCl.
  6. Add 2 gm of KI Salt
  7. Titrate against 0.1 N Sodium Thiosulphate. When colour turns lighter, add Starch Indicator and continue titration till green end point.

%. of Trichrome 1000 = Burette Reading x Normality of 0.1N Na2S2O2 x 13.33

Addition should be based on analytical data until a regular maintenance schedule has been established. For analytical data, contact Growel Technical Service Department for details.


The product may cause burns to skin and eyes and may also damage the respiratory system. Wear protective clothing, safety goggles and face mask when handling the material. In case of contact, flush the exposed areas with clean, cold water. In case of injury, consult a physician.


TRICHROME 1000 process contains trivalent chromium which must be treated as other heavy metals in the effluent streams. Rinse water containing dilute process solution resulting from drag-out, process spills and concentrated bath discharges may be blended with other heavy metal waste streams and treated using conventional heavy metal precipitation techniques and de-water ing procedure prior to discharge.

DISCLAIMER: Our recommendations are made in good faith and are based on our skills. However, since the conditions of use of these products are beyond our control, this information is given on the express condition and agreement that Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, will not be liable to any person by reason thereof. Nothing herein shall be deemed to be a recommendation to use any product in violation of any existing patent rights.

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